What We Do

We help individuals and companies achieve great things. 

Paradigm creates custom solutions for clients in the built environment. We are strategists, subject matter experts, consultants, educators, recruiters, team builders and integrators with a deep network and vast talent pool. We are dedicated to creating positive change for our clients and the industries we serve.  We strive to break down the barriers that exist in today’s corporate world by creating a truly collaborative environment, where team (and project) success is the only agenda. We are agents of change.

Our company is built upon providing honest assessments, achievable goals and sustainable solutions that serve everyone’s best interest. We do this by creating an environment of shared success and collaboration where all involved parties are stakeholders in the success (or failure) of each project. This simple and uniquely transparent approach creates incentive for all parties to perform at all-star levels but it all starts with a willingness to change the status quo.  Are you ready to create positive change?

Change starts now.

• Identify people and organizations with similar values and goals 
• Facilitate team building and corporate alignment
• Create collaborative and customized work flow processes
• Create easy to understand sequencing and work flow models
• Assess job function, group and individual duties, roles and responsibilities
• Create career trajectory modeling and customized training modules
• Provide processes that create involvement and accountability
• Create opportunities for collaboration and early engagement from concept to final delivery
• Align partners at the right time using sequencing
• Foster a rapid rate of change within our client organizations

We focus on what’s important; getting the job done right with integrity, building relationships, open and honest collaboration, and becoming more people-centric. Our complete suite of solutions include assessments, executive search, staffing, training and team integration for build design projects of any size.

Paradigm Strategic Partners