Talent Consulting

Project Implementation Services

PSP provides expert project services to Design, Develop and Deploy a scalable and maintainable Talent Management solutions. Clients can choose to design either a stand-alone single solutions, use a mix different assessments and implementations, or do a comprehensive Design and Development Solution. Our Integration capability ensures that your investment and the ongoing success in your human capital selection and development programs.

Design: Analyze and determine optimal mix of PSP and existing customer and/or 3rd-party assessments to provide talent assessment. Determine all scheduling and administration needs. Determine all software development and integration needs. Create final process document encompassing turnkey specifications.

Develop:  We provide the experts needed to develop new tests and create a platform that is fully integrated and able to generate reports as required according to specifications.

Deploy: Through a train-the-trainer program, transfer the operational control of all aspects of your fully customized and developed Talent Management platform per specifications to the customer. Through industry best channel partners PSP can provide a hosted Software-as-a-Service solution on a single code-base, multi-tenant system.

Psychometric and Consulting Services

PSP provides a broad range of Psychometric Services and Consulting Services to enhance your talent management efforts. Our team of experienced psychologists provides expertise in areas including:

  • Test Development
  • Item Authoring
  • Job Simulations
  • Job Analysis
  • Validation Studies
  • Program Evaluation and Optimization
  • Applicant Flow/EEO Analysis and Reporting
  • Legal Compliance Report

PSP psychologists are available and ready to discuss your specific needs 24/7.

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