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Talent Management Assessments

Helping our clients to build, develop and retain the best teams of talented individuals for their business' success.

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Assessment Services

Honest, transparent, proven.

Paradigm Strategic Partners people-centric assessments are crafted for clients wanting a fully customized solution that will help them hire better, faster. The people-centric assessments we use are systematic, precise and proven to predict future job performance for potential new hires and growth and development opportunities for existing employees. Recognizing that interviews alone capture less than 20% of talent value based on over 60 published studies and evaluating future job performance based on resumes captures less than 12% of talent value in general, and only 17% when resumes are carefully evaluated on the basis of anchored training and experience scales based on a review of 45 published studies.

Why Paradigm
Simply put… your success is our success because our returns are driven by your returns.

What we do
First and foremost we listen to what our clients want. Because of listening first our calibration consultants are able to discover what our client’s needs are then craft the best solution. that will be validated by tracking the predicted results vs. the actual delivered results.

Why we do it
We are vested partners with the industries we serve and the people with in those industries. We want our clients to see a ROI because being profitable today means hiring the best talent faster and we want people to have engaged opportunities with companies that value the importance of people.

So whether you’re hiring new employees, building your next generation of leaders, or working to retain your top talent, assessments can be your most valuable tool in predicting success and training outcomes. A company’s growth and sustainability is predicated on their ability to identify, qualify, hire, develop and retain the right people for the right role the first time.

The Assessments we provide help you:

1. Select Better People

Choose the best applicants to interview and invest in to hit your goals

2. Develop Leaders

Identify high-potentials, and the core competencies they need to develop

3. Build Great Teams

Find the right people for any kind of team – and measure performance outcomes

Assessment Types

Please contact us for a free initial consultation and access to our catalog of more than 500 top assessments from 50+ leading publishers – the world’s largest multi-publisher collection – features every type of assessment, including these Key Assessments and Tests used as predictive tools to support informed decision making.

Identify consistent patterns of thought and behavior important to your specific workplace

Cognitive Ability
Determine a person’s ability to reason, solve problems, and think critically

Bio Data
Evaluate a person’s past experiences and behaviors, to predict future success

Assess a person’s propensity to engage in counter-productive behaviors in a workplace

Determine a person’s capability to perform necessary job related tasks

360º Multi-Rater Feedback
Collect the views of a person held by his or her peers, staff, and/or superiors to form a complete picture of the employee 

Additional Assessments We Provide:

• Qualifications Screening
• Work / “Fit”
• Simulations
• Structured Interviews
• Process Assessments
• EQI Emotional Intelligence