Executive Search

Identifying and engaging talented, focused and driven people is at the core of what we do at Paradigm. 

This coupled with our meticulous search process, enormous pool of industry connections and keen understanding of people make Paradigm the best choice for Executive Search.

We provide our partners with unmatched access to the most experienced and technically qualified talent resources available within our targeted markets. We specialize in management and focused technical positions. Our teams of industry executives have earned the designation subject matter experts by serving the industries, the markets and the people that make up the built environment.

Each of our teams focus is on a single Division and a single market for deeper more defined penetration, which gives us the requisite knowledge for that market.

At Paradigm Strategic Partners, Inc. we have the experience, depth of knowledge, resources and commitment to ensure success. Our flexible and progressive approach to Executive Search, Consulting and Staffing gives the Paradigm team the ability to customize each and every relationship to what works best for our clients and partners. We strive to be our clients’ first choice.


Markets We Serve

• Architecture
• Administration
• Commercial
• Engineering
• Finance and Accounting

• General Construction
• High-Rise
• Multi-Family and Residential
• Property and Facilities Management
• Risk

• Safety
• Security
• Specialty Subcontracting
• Technology
• Telecommunications

Paradigm Solutions

Paradigm... because of our experience, our relationships and our pinpoint accuracy