Team Integration

Bringing all key stakeholders together.

Paradigm Strategic Partners, Inc. is a total solutions provider of integrated project delivery team for the design and construction industry. We build our collaborative processes and teams around the specific needs of our clients to deliver optimal results, with minimal expenditure. With our company wide commitment to eliminating waste, it is our goal to deliver projects that are under budget, ahead of schedule, with no claims, litigation, or contractor derived change-orders.

Our success is based on a defined scope and goals for the entire team, with a high level of constant communication, and total collaboration. With a clearly defined cost model, our teams are constantly working towards the best interest of the project and not that of any individual or company.

We are committed to developing all-inclusive design and/or construction delivery teams that break the mold of traditional design and construction methodologies, creating structures that are innovative, cost effective and quality driven.


Markets We Serve

• Architecture
• Administration
• Commercial
• Engineering
• Finance and Accounting

• General Construction
• High-Rise
• Multi-Family and Residential
• Property and Facilities Management
• Risk

• Safety
• Security
• Specialty Subcontracting
• Technology
• Telecommunications

Paradigm Solutions